build your mobile and web app with more simplified in no time


Advanced Security

for the best protection. We follow OWASP Guideline 

  • Strong password encryption
  • Two Factor Authentication
  • Captcha Login
  • Audit Trail
  • Action, Event and Column Visibility based on User Profile
  • Expression Page Filtering
  • Expression Page FilterinStore User Object in One Place
  • Open Integration with OAuth2, SSO, LDAP

Dynamic Query and filtering

Nedo is provided with column editor and custom view for Dynamic Query . for dynamic filtering we provide with choices of filtering

Build your form and layout in your app.

With drag and drop feature

Our components

We have many layouting tools, and many property to build your interface of your apps. and many of forms type you want to choose

Our grid builder has a module to support your layouting, and we have a user-based filter. and many components to support create your mobile apps


Big Data


Our platform already prepared with most of big data platform in nowadays

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