Shipping Logistic Software

Shipping Logistic Software
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Our Customer

PT. Makassar Trans

Transportation Management Services with shipping routes Jakarta, Surabaya, Kupang NTT, Timor Leste, Sulawesi. Our customer has served thousands of shipments since November 4, 2003.

What's inside ?

We build end to end system to our customer from website to management information system

Website design at first glance is arguably the most crucial factor of your marketing effort.

Mobile Application Support

We build apps with the ultimate goal of customer experience

Barcode Scan Tracking

Improve customer experience using barcode scan shipping tracking

Shipping Schedule

shipping schedule feature in mobile apps Reduce Help Desk Calls by 40%.

Latest News & Gallery

improve company branding by showing photos as a portfolio

Billing & Invoice

Increase customer experience by paying bills from mobile apps

Integrated Shipment Tracking

Send tracking updates to customers and reduce shipping-related calls

Management Information System Fatures
for our best partners


Human Resource
3rd Party Integration

Technology. we used

We use basic technology based on customer request

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